Saturday, May 20, 2006

don't ask

she'd been on the phone with this
old man whose wife had died
his wife
who had always taken
care of everything.

he was sitting at her old desk
with the unopened pile of medicare letters
and his cancer and his bottle.

he said he had paced
the house for a while
before calling the tiny number,
pushed keys until
he could talk to someone,
sipped the bottle time to time

and after a couple
questions, said, "excuse
me honey, but it seems
we got something in common:
neither of us knows
our ass from a hole in the ground here
or what the goddammned point is"

and introduced himself and stated his age.

he asked hers but before
she could talk he went on about
how sorry he was and that
if she remembered

it should be this:
he never should have called

and he picked up his pistol
and shot himself in the head

and she did not say hello hello
are you alright

but intstead, started to cry

and when, after crying
in office after office where
she would not say
what was wrong or what had happened
or why she was crying, she was fired
because she would not say

until later when she told everyone

Sunday, May 14, 2006


Stark against
the silence
of summer,

a certain tree
in the parking lot,
spared by the contractors' saws

might shade maybe
one car, maybe mine
some lucky day