Monday, August 26, 2002

Better today. Amazing how a Monday can be better than the weekend. Didn't do a fucking thing yesterday. Thought a lot, walked a lot, but that's about it. Olivia's mom has taken it upon herself to fill Olivia with fear as a protective measure. The godawful media circus surrounding the recent murders is just gross, with hundreds of people driving from all over state to stand around the outside of the property. All the stations have round-the-clock coverage, filling most of their empty time by talking to idiots in the crowd. Almost all of these citizens say that
1.they have children
2. They came "for a sense of closure for the families of the girls"
3. That you need to watch your babies like a hawk.
They don't mention that they are ghouls, bored and wanting nothing so much as to be on TV.

So Olivia's mom has been making her watch this shit, telling the poor kid that she can expect the same if she's not careful and that she shouldn't play with the neighbor boy because he might want to see her undies.

It makes me really mad. The kid is 8. Surely she needs to know that there is danger, but going out of the way to scare her is just stupid, I think.