Tuesday, August 09, 2005

This one cracks me up. And it's a bit of a test to see if Dede is still reading this. If so, I expect a desperate and accusatory call from my sister!

Daily Iowa State Press
Iowa City, Johnson, Iowa
July 15, 1903

James Carroll of Marshalltown Desperate Over Drink Habit.
Marshalltown, July 15- James Carroll, a cooper, committed suicide Monday by drinking laudanum. He was fifty years of age and leaves a wife and eight children. Mrs. Carroll stated that he had threatened to kill himself, because he could not resist the temptation to drink. On Sunday he had acted queer and she his his razors to prevent his using them.

Laudanum was easier to obtain, and cheaper, than whiskey. You cannot buy it these days. You can, however, make it yourself with very little effort.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Lord, not it seems that animation blogs are the way of the world. I'll likely soon link to a daily industry-specific and oft-promoted blog that pertains more to my love and chief amusement (shall we say: savior?) and go from there. I am indeed much tempted to ket this site expire in the whole. since nobody sees it long enough to make their own mark. The only sure readers I kenned were those I did not desire.