Thursday, January 17, 2002

I have a new job, teaching Macromedia Dreamweaver at a community college. I think I'll do well, although I am a bit nervous. I need to get my college transcripts from Arizona. Haven't seen THEM in a while, brother. The idea of needing a class to learn Dreamweaver seem ludicrous to me; it's a very intuitive program. I have been alerted to the different learning capabilities of the classroom, however, and am preparing for a lot of handholding. I have turned a corner and gone into teaching at long last. My my. What the future may hold down this road (poverty, most likely!)

So, I think that Mr. Bush was drinking all alone watching that playoff game. Yep. I think he's done it before and that this time there was a big bruise that could not be explained away. A pretzel lodged in the throat, for God's sake? I four-year-old coulkd come up with a better excuse that that one. I think that the Bush administration has reached its pinnacle and now will need to answer for its behavior. Such as Mr. Ashcroft's rounding up of a thousand people, not releasing their names and trying them with tribunals. Dear lord, we stand for it. United we stand for it.
Of course, the American populace has always been ignorant. As Dany Ackroyd said in Tommy Boy, "What the American People don't know makes me rich."


How are YOU today?

Tuesday, January 15, 2002

I keep tripping over a box of old photos that is in my office. These photos go back years and years. Why the fuck do I still have them? Why are they in my office?
Often these unconscious little things are "tells." Red flags, perhaps, or perhaps little tics in the machinery that betray a larger flaw.

Monday, January 14, 2002

Well, I feel better. For one I am not drunk. I admit that I have some serious problems, principal among them a horrible propensity to overreact. I've not had the best luck recently, but to carry on in such a fashion is pretty degrading. Sob sob. S.O.B.

Anyway, I need to get some help for this shit.