Saturday, May 12, 2001

Well, they continue to improve this interface. My friends still think I'm insane to be keeping an online journal. Obviously they haven't read it... such banalities as these deserve no special consideration. I'm almost certain that certain people are reading it (my logs lead me to believe so) but it still seems like publishing into a vacuum. Briefly I campaigned to those whose blogs are linked to this one to see if I could generste chatter, but to no avail. We all are busy and I haven't exactly been a faithful correspondent. Ah, well.

My friend Dave used to send me long weekly letters which chronicled his life in Tucson. Mainly about bikes and diabetes, he'd send these out to everyone. At least once I was a bit snide to him, one of my oldest friends, about the form-letter nature of these things. In fact, they were ur-blogs in email form, but I was too dumb to know that. In the end I pissed him off and he no longer writes. A shame, too, because he's a very good writer and a good designer to boot. We were both frustrated undrground cartoonists together many years ago. He had a very cool Crumbian style; I drew rather in the same way I always had and polished my jokes as best I could.

Anyway, there is much work to be done. This kitchen is very hot and sticky... Portland should get into he 90's today. Odd how global warming is again up for debate as a credible scientific fact. I think this is due to the president's oilman background. I am ever appalled at how easily misled are the American people.
Double post! Double post! Arggg!

Thanks Andrea for pointing it out!

Double post! Double post! Arggg!

Thanks Andrea for pointing it out!

Friday, May 11, 2001

Jump in while you can...there's server updating going on.

I am looking at fonts. that's fun stuff for me. I have maybe 3000 fonts on my system. This slows it down considerable. I don't even use most of 'em. But God, I CAN'T STOP!

You know about multi-tasking? I'm doing research for three seperate projects now all at the same time. Jodi often brags that she's a Goddess. Sometimes I feel that mighty too. The backswing is that I will almost as often feel like a pretending loser about to get popped as the fake I am. I talk to my mom about this... she's a clinical therapist with more than thirty years' experience... and she says everyone feels that way.

I'm about to start a pure design project which excites me greatly. It will be really cool and you can be sure I'll post a link when it is all done.

Thursday, May 10, 2001

We have moved. It is so very nice to be in this lovely house. We have no DSL, sure, but who needs broadband when one has big windows and a grape arbor in the back yard?

The dogs love it too. I'll post some pics as soon as time warrants. I go over to the old house (we don't have to be out until the first) and just feel all creepy. It's a huge fucking mess, with all the unboxed piddly ass shit lying around. It's filthy and depressing.

And I gotta go back later! Ah, shit, well...