Saturday, July 20, 2002

It has been all too long since I updated this blog. The Uberhaus site has lain fallow for about as long as it ever has. I am unsure whether to even continue it. Haley hates all mention of Uberhaus and the bygone life it represents. Tpp damn bad because it represents most of my best stories. Because I have let this log go for so long I can pretty much safely assume that it has no more regular readers, so I can attack the truth with rather more zest than is usual. Or at least I can pretend to.
Last night my friend James was over with his wife and their two kids. We had a bit of a barbecue. True to form, I poured much wine and before long James was quite drunk and revealing such indescretions as his hatred for Mr. Plymouth and his lust for pregnant women (of which Haley is a lovely specimen. After a point he was quiteclear in his rage against corporate America, rich people, inequality and so on. It was a bit much because his opinions were pretty juvenile and poorly-thought out. Not that he didn't have a point, but it's just stuff we've all heard before. The world is vastly unfair. None of knows what we will do nin a crisis until the crisis is full upon us. Talking about how bad the Nazis were is a bore. James' wife Amy was pretty embarassed. My wife has been in her time too, i suppose.