Friday, September 05, 2003

Now that I know no one reads this aside from the chance googles earcher who types in "giant hairless titties" or "agressive female bodybuilder" I can safely say that:

life with somebody I love who behaves inexplicably all of a sudden SUCKS ASS and is still totally cool. I think my wife's long explained behavioral disorders (see the archives to sift for clues) drive me to drink, but being a drunk, still confide to the Überhaus standard of life at its fullest: life that you experience No Matter What.

That incudes whatever may will be, will excluded. My will is always subject, even when drunk, to honor and fidelity.

But I am sgtill willing to wake an old acquaintance with a drunken cajoling that may shake his sleep and make him wonder if I was ever his friend in the first place.

Fucker answered the phone, right?

Magic night all the same..