Monday, December 17, 2001

It's quarter to six. I've been up for a full hour already. It seems that I have let a void overtake me, a creative void. The most dangerous kind, really. I have done nothing to feed my soul for many days now, months, years. I don't even know where my notebooks are. But I'm sitting at my laptop here and hopefully it won't fail any time soon. The new financial situation is extremely tough for me, but we are getting by.
We've been battling for custody, stopping short of an all-out suit in favor of mediation. I am less than happy about that... the effect that Olivia's mother has upon her is not a good one by any measure. I believe we'll walk out with joint custody, a damn site better than what we have now (which is bupkus). It has caused us no end of frustration, and I've been smoking so much that a rattling cough still plagues me.
This log has been quite sporadic. I don't currently have the date displayed except at the top of the page, so I can't tell when it was updated last. Ah well.