Friday, May 04, 2001

Well, chaos is fully upon our household. We are not officially moving until the 19th, but we very much want tonight to be our last in this humble little hovel. Both Haley and I are extremely disorganized in habit, rarely putting things in their place and allowing great sliding piles of papers and bboks to accumulate on the various available flat surfaces. Add to this an almost complete lack of closets... those we have are sop small and cramped as to wrinkle badly every garment within... and the filth generated by three dogs and you have a big mess.
Not to discredit this house too much, though... we have had some great times here. But the new one is fabulous and we are eager to be sleeping there. The bed comes tomorrow and I'll be picking up the rugs from the store tonight. I'm overjoyed.

And still keeping the power and DSL turned on here, too, because I still have a fair amount of work to do.

It never ends...

Thursday, May 03, 2001

Well, we're gearing up to move. Our basement is haunted, we think. Both Haley and I have been troubled by the gruesome vibe which pervades our downstairs and have numerous time heard crying in the night. Creepy, even for one accustomed to weird paranormal phenomena.

Tuesday, May 01, 2001

Poker last night. I won five dollars, so all in all it was a success. Most of my friends have not heard of blogger, nor are they interested. I say, "It's a place online where you can share your thoughts and events of the day. Lots of people come by and check it out." To which I get a raised eyebrow and the shaking of heads. The fools... little do the realize the giddy pleasure of airing your soul to the anonymous millions. Or tens, as the case may be. My stats show me one thing, but the little device which I had installed on the bottom of my page showed another. Worse, it cause errors. So, begone!

My friend Duc just had surgery for sleep apnia. Way beyond snoring, apnia apparantly causes its sufferers to stop breathing. Anyway, Duc was faced with the choice of wearing a breather mask or else getting his obstructions surgically cleared. It was a brital operation, taking out his uvula and pluging into his septum. Ounds like the sort of procedure Eddie Van Halen is currently undergoing.

I wanted to snap a pic, but had left my camera at home. Ah, well. Tonsilectomies are rare these days.

Monday, April 30, 2001

Get this:contact has been re-established with Pioneer 10. The idea of spacecraft hurling through the cold dark 7 billion miles away is somehow comforting to me. I remember the first Star Trek movie. "Who is V'ger?" was the big question. In case you care, it was the Voyager spacecraft fused with some alien life form coming back to earth with incomplete instructions. Spock mind-melds with it and... anyway, you get the idea. I grew up watching that shit and to this day can usually identify an episode in the first minute of seeing it. The then-novelty of seeing the cast resurrected was almost too much, plus I was really high to boot. I was new to pot then, but I got really baked and saw it with a few friends. Later, I saw it and thought it over-acted, cheesy and mindnumbingly dull. So much for first impressions.

But the premise is a good one. This odd spacescraft traveling away from earth through the endless vacuum with its destination some two million years away is something I can think about while I fall asleep at night.

By the way, Pioneer 6 is still functioning after 35 years. It's quaint to think of these 8-watt tube transmitters and super expensive state-of-the-art 1965 plasma and cosmic ray detectors firing up long after their expected life was over. I can just seee all the geeks cheering in front of their monitors in the old-style mission control room.