Saturday, April 14, 2001

I keep getting weirder.
It's early and I have the feeling that I've been up all night. I've not had coffee yet, but already I watched a bit of the news which talked about the national heroes, the brave airmen of the downed spyplane. The Chinese named their pilot a national hero too, so there. Perhaps soon we'll be gripped by nationalist fervor and Gen. Powell et al can lead us on another victorious crusade.

Spending time in bars always depresses me... not so much because of the bars themselves or the drinking therein; more for the extremely similar conversations about the state of the nation. I listened to talk of Gore, Bush and Nader. I pondered at length about the lack of leaders and the history of armed rebellion in America.

In the end nothing changes. I drunkenly went home to my warm house and went to sleep for a while, waking up more drunk than hungover. And there I stand now.

Perhaps some coffee will go far to improving my mood and restoring my faith in the world. A lot to ask from coffee, but I speak from experience.

Friday, April 13, 2001

I am so glad that Brill's Content is publishing how blogs can be used to market products! Makes me glad to be an American!


Haley is out of town with her mom. This house smells like pee. We have too many dogs, I think. Ruby snuck out last night and pissed all over the floor. She is a spiteful little dog at times. I swear she has a dual personality... half sweet and half psycho. The psycho asserts itself with other dogs or when she's alone in the house. I have seen the swath of destruction she has carved through books, shoes and even my wallet. I tell you folks, it ain't pretty.

Tuesday, April 10, 2001

I don't know whether to laugh at this or get really mad.

I watched Terminator 2 last night. Gave me weird dreams about attacking a samurai Saddam Hussein with a katana and slicing off his right hand in retribution for crimes against my native people, the Kurds. No foolin. That's pretty weird, even for me.

Sunday, April 08, 2001

Free speech is a myth when you take on the law.
It's sunday and, that's right, I am slightly hung over. I seldom am majorly hung over, at least not here. Were I then I am sure the last goddamned thing I would be doing is sitting here typing away at my computer.

Last night we went to Cassidy's, which was my gateway to life in P-town. I say this because almost everything that has happened to me and almost everyone I know can be traced back to the year I worked at that bar. Haley is one example; I met her through V, whom I met through Überhaus Last Thursday. I was at the Überhaus because of Vince remodeling the place. He came into to Cassidy's. It has always been a home for me, and so last night was pleasurable. I don't really know many of the staff these days, but I still feel comfortable. It was there, standing behind the bar, that I learned I was to be a father. One day I may write more about this, but now I am just too tired.