Saturday, November 18, 2000

Guilt. What is guilt? Is nit a happy memory which suddenly takes a turn for the worse? Or peraps it's a form of self-torture, a portable and invisible rack which can be used any time you have a minute to spare? John D. McDonald said that "it darkened all skies." I should have more than I do, but I have become adept at the mighty twin skills of rationalization and selective memory.
It has always seemed to me that guilt was both self-indugent and useless. Afetr all, why go over something you can't change? And if you can rectify whatever wrong you have committed , what's the real motivation? Who does it serve?

I haven't had my coffee yet, obviously.

Friday, November 17, 2000

I was cut off in traffic today. I was furious. Every time this happens I realize what a thin veneer of civility holds together our society; were the laws lifeted for a day I wonder what bloodshed would result? The precedents of Bosnia and Somalia showed uneasy neighbors turning on each other with great cruelty as soon as they were given the nod.
I just received a long out-of-print John McLaughlin CD from

Thursday, November 16, 2000

Went this evening to Chuck E. Cheese for the very first time in my life. I was sort of impressed with the genial robbery of it. Tokens everywhere and almost every game spewing forth feet and feet of tickets. Livi enjoyed it immensely, going up to the carpet-covered slacker dressed as Chuck and pulling maniacally on his fur.
bad things: Bad pizza, iceburg salad and no beer plus a total lack of the usual blood'n'guts video games
good things: air hockey, free refills and total distraction for the six-year-old in all of us.

We won all these tickets from skeeball and smack-the-gator. Piles of them. It took me twenty minutes to count them all. Got up to the counter and anything worth having was 2000 tickets or more. I shudder to think how long you'd have to spend there to amass such a fortune.

Blogger seem really slow. I wish that damned New yorker article hadn't been published. Of course I wouldn't be here if it hadn't. Typical NIMBY attitude.
this is so public, says Haley, who wishes her name was Ursula.
Here I find myself tweaking my blog template instead of doing actual work. Oh yes. The more things change the more they stay the same. Maybe I'll start posting poetry or something.
Good morning. Hard frost on the car today, the first of the year. I had a long talk with Olivia in the car about class. Without sounding patrician (which was difficult) I told her that class was a combination of manners, taste and style. I had to, of course, define each of the definitions as we went. She's pretty perceptive, but six is six after all.

Then I called dad. Dad and I probably enjoy cell phones more than anyone else we know; we call each other all the time just to chat. The cell has given the great gifts of ubiquity and economy: I can call him from any place in the country I happen to be and it's like we're in the same town.

Wireless IM next, I suppose. It will effect the way people write when their words are translated into text. Probably there will be features like "Um Delete" and foul-language filtration.

And so, and so...
Oh shit. I broke the last entry. Anyway, the pictures of our new dog are HERE
And I'll say good night now before I break anything else.
Okay... this template will have to do. I'm in a hurry, slammed with work as so many of us are these days. There is so much to do even now that the shine is off the apple. I kind of long for the whole thing to come crashing down, anyway... San Francisco has been nigh on ruined because of Johnny Dot Com and his 90K per year. Mark Twain would hardly recognize it.
There are some pictures of our new dog
">I just checked my web stats and found that I'd had three visits from Blog. Exits on the Blog part of my site, actually. I should modify the template so that it better reflects myself as a web dood rather than merely a reader of the New Yorker.
This is very nice software. My good friend Brian maintains a web log that he himself wrote, a piece of software similar to this one.
At any rate, I do hope to keep this up. Something rather enticing about a public forum even if nobody reads it.

Monday, November 13, 2000

And off and running with blog. Blog is a pretty funny word, all in all, although this seems a bit like yelling into a vacuum. I suppose it takes time.
AH, it's off to breakfast. Three pounds of grease and then shopping. Today is Haley's birthday. Perhaps I'll post pictures later.
God but this is exciting.
this is the first entry in my blog. very exciting. I have a number of posts, though, in the uberhaus diary site.