Sunday, September 15, 2002

As I've said before, I grew up in a town surrounded by Titan II missle silos. Every Saturday afternoon at 1:15 I heard air raid sirens being tested. I got used to being uneasy and afraid. I thought that I would very likely be incinerated well before I reached adulthood.

This feeling has never really left me.

It's a dangerous time.

And now Iraq. It seems to me that the stale and hollow arguments put forth by the administration for invasion have little basis in fact.Saddam is a dictator, a bully-boy, a dangerous loose cannon. But is it enough to warrant a unilateral attack? Pakistan has both nuclear weapons and enough Al Qaeda operatives within its borders to be a cause of real concern. Iraq has been on the Bush table since long before 9/11. How convenient that it fits in so well now, particularly since the attempt to destroy Al Qaeda has been such a dismal failure.

So what next? Air Strikes, most likely. Ground troop deployment. CNN. Wolf Blitzer.

It's no surprise that these men would have so little forsight, but the fact remains that if a full-scale attack is launched the likely scenario of Hussein launching chemical attacks on Israel and Israel retaliating with nuclear weapons quite possibly will ignite all all-out East vs West war. I am hard-put to see what advantage lies in such a course. But I am equally puzzled at the advantages of drilling in Alaska.

The sheer amount of 9/11 information is staggering. articles in The Atlantic, The New Yorker and Harpers all take different approaches. The Atlantic has done an exhaustive three-part series on the deconstruction of the Trade Center site, while the New Yorker has focused more on the personalities involved.
In all of these pieces, the unwavering sense of patriotism serves as a backdrop. Proud to be an American. United We Stand. Etc etc etc.

Weird how this corresponds with a trend in American entertainment of seeing former pop culture icons debsing themselves in a variety of ways to recapture past glory and a few bucks. Donny Osmond's head covered with leeches. What next? Hulk Hogan vs Mister T midget-tossing Gary Coleman and Webster for distance? Hell, I'd watch that.

Happy Sunday. I feel worse than ever..