Wednesday, January 03, 2001

Yes, in the post shakeout there is very little venture capital. However, the money is there. Am I to donate 5.00 to help Blogger buy up some more Solaris servers? Are you? Is this a matter of poor salesmanship or of that old "what's in it for us?" from investors? I mean, as cool as weblogs are, there's not a profit model to be seen. It seems always to come down to the old mantra I learned in my first sales job: "Boxes good. No boxes bad." The thing that the New Economy was supposed to be changing was that basic premise. But lo, got news for y'all... the money men (and I do mean MEN) were the ones that set this up and let it fall. They are all doing fine (have you seen what Morgan Stanley Dean Whitter trades at these days? I believe it's around 147.00 a share) and were merely watching the market inflate. The paradigm is the same.
Too much Howard Zinn, right? You should catch me when I'm reading Chomsky.

Dad got me a Harley Davidson for Christmas. Not a real one, mind you, but a replica of a 1917 one. I have a picture of my grandfather astride one in 1917 in Camp Lee, Virginia. He is 16 years old and all ready to ship off the Great War. He wears a garrison cap and leggings and a heavy wool coat. I think he had Scarlet Fever and was thus prevented from going overseas until the war was over. Dad knew about the picture and sent me the bike. I have them set up on a little shelf together, along with his Testament from that same time. Sentimental, I know.

Sunday, December 31, 2000

More PR for Blogger. Massive membership helped Napster, but with Blogger it only clogs up the server and gives the readers too much to choose from. Last one leaving turn out the light.

I've been reading Howard Zinn's Declarations of Independence recently. I can't read it for long because he makes his case so effectively and I wind up getting mad and then depressed. The best thing about this country is that guys lke Howard and Noam Chomsky are widely published and read. But Howard makes it clear that the powers that be will only allow a certain amount of dissent before they step in. As this book was published in 1990 before Ruby Ridge, Waco and (more importantly) the Internet, it is amazingly prescient.

And now the New Economy is back on the rise, right? No recession, no depression. But no insane boom either. Right. The fucking Dow is still over 10000 and the Nasdaq is still up and running. Nobody goes in for art or poetry. Commerce is King and the world is getting warmer.

See? Even THINKING about this shit is giving me dark thoughts.