Saturday, June 02, 2001

Man, have I been falling off on the job here or what? I have my new computers all set up but no NIC in them, so I type this on my tried-and-true laptop.
Blah blah blah.

I awoke from a weblog-centric dream this afternoon. Apparently I was in the familar dream-town I occasionally visit (an amalgam of the Tucson of my youth, stories I have read and an alpine world I've never seen in waking life) and I had some weblog messages which were printed up and lying outside a small mobile home. The last line I remember was "I looked around the bar and realized that, in one way or the other, I knew everyone there." Odd. It occurs to me now as I listen to Live365 playing a Miles tune that drummer Tony Williams was also in this dream. Weird.

Haley was all set to travel to Uganda on June 20th. This, however, will scrub the trip. At least i hope so. When the State department advises you not to go somewhere, I imaging even the least savvy tour company would comply. Mountain Travel Sobek is hardly a hack-job, so I am almost positive that they will cancel. The gorilla parks sound cool and all, but Jesus... Hutus and Tsutsis hacking each other into bits with machetes is not my idea of a place I would be confindent sending my dear love to. Not for such a whimsical reason as a family safari.

I have been sick with the crud. Seems to have become a sinus infection. My favorite... headaches and snot. Oh boy!

BTW, this blogger template idea is a scam. While I love sharing my ideas with the world, we're talking about giving the rights to a commercial design template to a for-profit company in exchange for a t-shirt. Geeze. Even metal bands are more generous than this.
Double post. Double post!

Tuesday, May 29, 2001

Please excuse the long absense. I've been pretty much offline this past week. The move and all.... it's amazing how much little stuff you accumulate in the course of a year or so. And all that shit needs to be sorted and thrown away or packed. Anyway, I'm off in a few minutes to see how much of my 900.00 security deposit I get back. Should be all of it because the place is spotless.
I am out of touch with the Blogger community and will need to catch up this afternoon. I have a shitload of work to do, also, and my office is still largely a pile of various boxes need ing homes. I also have a new computer, and we all know how long ot takes to tweak a computer to exact specs. I threw in a ton of memory so it's really screaming and should do everything I require of it. Before it breaks, that is.