Saturday, August 04, 2001

Ah, well, saturday morning and for once
no dim darked dreams and for once
waking in the toothache night
skipped my heart as I thought and thought
and for once falling back to sleep
if theres time
for once

Friday, August 03, 2001

I have a horrific toothache. My dental situation has been a ruin for some years now... my teeth are pearly and straight, but soft. They have betrayed me time and again, degenerating slowly. To open my mouth is a glimpse of mortality and decay.. fillings, crowns, more fillings. I've been unfortunate many times in my choice of dentists and have had cut-rate work done more than once. This unfortunate tooth is in the front and the twinges have ruined my sleep for two nights running. If it weren't for nitrous I would likely be toothless by now.

Wednesday, August 01, 2001

Billy is now a member of my preferred linkstomer list. Dig it. He's very funny.
I just planted two bamboo trees in the little strip of grass between the sidewalk and the street (using the bit of sod I cut away to conveniently cover the water meter). I am very excited about this... a future wall of bright green and golden stalks twenty to thirty feet high. A wall that will grow like a motherfucker and require no maintenance, a wall that will shield our porch from the street and create a little tunnel over the sidewalk. I am excited to see it grow.

One month from today I will be married. My heart begins trotting at the very thought. I can't wait.

Now it's time to walk the dogs before I set about working...

I see blogger has decided to post. The rather mysterious workings of this behemoth that is leave thousands in the lurch. I need to go ahead and install this other software, crank down and make it work the way I want. The trouble is that when I bend myself to such dreary technical tasks I usually want to be paid for it. I hate computers. I really do.

Particularly this one, screamer though it is...

Blogger has not posted my posts for some while now. This, I assume, will be no exception...

Tuesday, July 31, 2001

Dark dreams. Dreams have secret meanings, deep power. Dreams can shape the day. I lay in bed, awake at six, brought to conciousness by a dream of unredeemable destruction and loss, of waste, of indolent choices thoughtlessly made. Irrevocable, destructive. I watched my life burn away in a fierce hot wind. Beside me, Haley lay sweating and dreaming along the same lines. I had many girlfriends and Livi sat still in a swing in a desolate playground while I sat and smoked.

Our lives were in ruins in both dreams.

Are dreams portents or warnings? Are omens truly omens if they are heeded? Can you shake the dreary cloud of them and proceed as though nothing had happened, or is it a wiser course to heed them, take what meaning you can and turn it to action where possible?

The gift of waking from a hideous dream is not to be undervalued, not in the least.
Reblogger is now back up for want of anything else which remotely resembles a commenting system.
Best search strings of late (because I have no current comments system I am looking at my stats, quite impressive with damn near 30,000 hits in July... i assume this is because of the random image on my blog and the relative boredom of most of the readers):

7.14% snoring and pillow%0d%0a

7.14% fucking angelina jolie

14.29% boom boom room oregon

But why 7.14? What does pi have do with this shit, anyway?
I seem to have momentarily dropped from the world that is blogger. I hope to come back soon as this has been one of my main creative outlets. That's pretty sad considering the dubious quality of my recent posts. I have been rather deleriously happy in recent weeks which makes for dull correspondence.

The wedding is September 1st. My birsthday is on August 5th, too. God only knows how old I will be. God, my mom, me, Haley and about sixty other people. God only cares, I guess.

Sunday, July 29, 2001

I had a dream last night which so disturbed me that the dream itself, and even the feeling that rose from it, have vanished. Whether because of a propensity to foget the unpleasant or a survival mechanism that prevents me from harboring seeds of self-destruction too long I cannot say.

I just ate about three pounds of watermelon, two pounds more than my stomach can hold.

My commenting system does not work.

And what else...