Thursday, January 11, 2001

So I am cross-pollinating my musical taste using live365 and napster at the same time. I listen to a whole bunch of shit on the radio and when i hear something I like I go and search for it. I have found some really cool things in the jungle mode. I know a fair amount about jazz, but jungle and drum & bass are new to me. If you want to sift my collection, add uberhaus to your napster hotlist.

I feel a bit guilty... haven't bought much music recently. I know that the beastie boys have a little javascript on their mp3s which pop up a little grand royal window telling you that if you don't buy the albums there won't be any beastie boys. At least I no longer have the guilt of scamming BMG record club out of ten free discs a year.

Technology outstrips economics yet again. Of course I almost always bought cds used, so there you go.

The musical feveor has a new outlet asI now have a mp3 player which I sometimes wear when out and about. I have mixed feelings about omnipresent music, but yesterday I went for a jog and absolutely loved it. There is something thrilling about being in the world and still being insulated from it. I heard once that the big problem with life is that there was no background music. There you go.

Also, the way I figure it, you are constantly bombarded with music anyway. You may as well choose it for yourself.

Here's an exercise in procastination using flash, if you're interested.

Wednesday, January 10, 2001

Well, I'm glad to see that the blogsters have added servers. Seems to be working so far.

Jazz on PBS is really good. I read an article in New York magazine which slammed PBS for taking up sixteen hours with one program, saying that that was sixteen hours of alternative and perhaps infuriating filmmaking that would not be seen. To them I say, feh! If there were such film on PBS nobody would pay for it and nobody would watch it. Coporate sponsorship is the way of life. All of the anti-corporate activists are naive in assuming that any other system would ever work. Even Communism, at its very heart a "share-and-share-alike" egalitarian economic system, dgenerated into a kind of super corporation when left to its own devices.

Sure, the corporations are evil and world-killing and all that. But they supply such cool toys! And great entertainment! And if you are white and American and likely male, all kinds of economic opportunity!

We see what we have wrought in a few generations (or less, perhaps). You and I shall be dead by then.


Tuesday, January 09, 2001

This is my third attempt to post something in the past four days. I've put up lengthy, gut-wrenching stuff only to have blogger hiccup and lose it. Ironically, the last one was an admission that I had donated to the blogger server fund. But really!
I was just checking out an insanely obsessive fan's angelina jolie website. Nice code, sure, but I mean... it's fucking angelina jolie for christ's sake! I was looking for confirmation that she slept with her brother.

But why should I care? I don't even watch TV anymore.

Anyway, give blogger a few bucks so it no longer sucks.