Sunday, April 24, 2005

This is the best and worst of the net and my memories of it.
Well, I've not lain down any honest post in many a week. Iowa is swell, the farm good and solid, the women happy (especially the young ones) and things shifted to a slower pace with no whiplash. I am looking for a job, any job now. I am working very hard on a cartoon, looking to get the studio happening, but there is this ole wolf who, even in Iowa, laps at the sill. It has been a right jolly break, and now it is again time to be busy all the time.
Say, any old friends, give me your email in the comments (untrolled by spammers' bots) and I'll surely respond. My address is jcarrollhach at gmail if you're in a reaching mood. This site has been up now for almost eight years, making it ancient in Web time. I'm in a vacuum here, though, so reach if you will.
In a book, now

Chickens, an idea
to make money
did not pan out.

No surprise, what
with poor planning
and such bad
luck. Expected, foretold

it all went up for sale.
no buyers in those days,
so less than worthless,
it was still off limits,
though no guards were posted,

jobs scarce then, as now.
Unfed, kids wailed,
drowned out by other things
until they stopped

finally. Since everybody
had the same story
nobody told.