Monday, December 31, 2001


I just spent some time looking at other people's blogs. is astonishingly well-written and thought-provoking. I just have such a hard time discussing my innermost musings in this public forum. Perhaps this is because my innermost musings have a lot to do with other people whose privacy I don't want to violate. Also, my experience with provoking thought in this medium has been a bit disappointing. Rasmus checks now and again and offers comments... he's a dear guy. But most of the links I had to other bloggers have faded away with lack of attention.... this blog has lain fallow for weeks and weeks and the archives have long since been password-protected (I can't even remember what the password is, anyway).
Such a balancing act all this shit is. I haven't had opportunity to journey outside myself for a good long while.
One must watch what one prays for, though.

Good lord, could this sound any more fragmented?