Thursday, July 28, 2005

My entire life has been spent as a West Coast dude. Arizona, Oregon. There is a tradition of the west coast... Jack London, Jack Keroac, Jack Auff. But the Midwest is different, and here and now I am a midwesterner. There is a different tradition, and an older. Dreisr, Lewis, Bellow. And Hoover, John Wayne and all the rest. Berke Breathed. Bill Watterson. Even Chas Shulz. Miles, too, since KC is midwest. Never knew anything about it, but it is old, vast and largely unchanged. I would like to be able to see more of the small towns and barbershops and taverns. It would keep me interested for a good long while, I think. I am on the verge of epiphany, and this excites me. Whenever I have felt this before I have been enthralled and afraid because it costs me dear. It also has yet to pay... I have never made a big splash. I am comforted that it is the undiscovered who work with impugnity, but they also work without compensation and that wears on a fella.