Saturday, February 17, 2001

I've been using WinMx as my openNap client. It works beautifully. One interesting thing it does is scan for available servers and then give the stats of online users. Currently (8am PST) there are 8000 napster users and about 2500 each on openNap, powerNap and MyNapster. I expect that those numbers will creep up when Napster closes down. There will be a period of a few weeks, though, when the amount of available files will be significantly decreased.

The best thing is, though, that with DivX;) and other codecs, file sharing will soon go way beyond the music industry. Ha!

how's that for boring? I am hesitant to disclose personal information these days. I prefer to spout invective and opinionated nonsense. My friend Anemone Ra discloses all but through an alias. I will never tell, either! Ha!

Friday, February 16, 2001

I haven't yet had my breakfast.

this is an example of a poor weblog, folks. While true, it is as inherently dissatisfying as peeping in an apartment window. Sure, you know what's going on, but do you care? If you do I would suspect that you are either

a. sick
b. bored
c. sick and bored.

Now, for a good time you should slide over to the pull-down yonder and check out The Ultimate Insult. This blog is cookin' with gas. It's the highest rated on bloghop. Good reason, too. The shit is interesting and funny. Always something new.

And I have to assume anyone publishing that many links is C all the way.

And now for something completely different.

Now it's time to eat a big ol' nasty bowl of granola and yogurt. It looks much grosser if you spell it "yoghurt," don't you think?

Thursday, February 15, 2001

Napster again is on my mind. The very idea that this attack on peer-to-peer service will have any effect other than to stimulate it is ludicrous. Remember glue sniffing? There was a series of public warnings aimed at potential users saying how bad it was. The problem was that most kids of the day didn't even know that you could get high from glue. The warnings of the menace created the menace itself. made building models a bitch, let me tell you.

Not that the record industry would have benefitted had they kept their fucking mouths shut; napster and its ilk would've propagated without the publicity, albeit at a slower rate. The indusrtry blew it, though; in making the fudamental argument that any unauthorized duplication of copyrighted materials is illegal they set themselves up to ultimately be in the position of suing their own customers. Any duplication... not only mp3's but also cassettes, mini-discs and so forth. Bad tack, boys.

The industry hould've realized that the extensive CD warehousing and distribution system in which they heavily invested will need to be written off. Instead, the might sink money in a viable subscription-based alternative to napster. How about a catalogue of 10 million tracks guaranteed to be always available anywhere? Attack the weakness rather than the strength: incomplete songs, poor quality, sketchy availability and slow download times. They have the money.

Another thing is that most of the music I like simply isn't for sale any more. I tried to buy Lenny White's 1979 fusion album Streamline for years to no avail. Finally I found it on Napster. I hate it now, but that's beside the point.

The kids that downloaded Radiohead's Kid A in its entirety to save buying it are probably the same ones who'd be lifting it from Tower anyway.

Wednesday, February 14, 2001

There is a hedonistic charm to being drunk at three in the afternoon, but only if you are in public. Needless to say that this charm will quickly fade if it becomes a habit.

happy valentine's day. this is the first one I have ever enjoyed.

Tuesday, February 13, 2001

I admit that I was perplexed this morning when I read the news about napster. I felt sorry for ol' nappy-head rich kid Shawn and his baby. I know that it's the very concept of copyright protection which will fall, just as the concept of economic power will fall when purchasing power is granted to people without money (economics, like gravity, is a concept which everyone pretends to understand but nobody can really explain very well. Emphasis on "well" here; lots of people will bore you dead about the specifics of the system, but it begins to sound like you might imagine a 13th century monk to sound as he explains the movement of the heavens) but such cynical philosophy doesn't give me any new tunes on my cheap-ass mp3 player.

But, but and again but... there is myNapster, a superior program to Napster in almost every way. It searches the napster servers and almost every other available server as well; it searches for any variety of files including MP4 DivX;) video (read this, Blockbuster Video, and tremble) and you make the interface look any way you wish. Plus, because it's truly a client-side app, there is no way it can be shut down. The other alternatives (such as the painfully slow Gnutella) just aren't as cool.

I would die if I didn't have all this free sample music. It's like having a hosted espresso bar at work. You just can't go back.

Responsibilities: Work as part of a talented and fun team on the entire production process—prototyping, development, staging, testing, and launch. Investigate, evaluate and learn new development tools. Perform multiple assignments concurrently. Create hosted web forms, reporting templates, and dynamic content eMessages utilizing objects accessed through server-side JavaScript.

This sounds to me to be about as much fun as cleaning hotel rooms. Somehow I am on a mailing list for which sends me such wonderful opportunities. I suppose I should be grateful... senior web developer jobs are getting more rare. Oh to live a life of fear huddling in a cubicle and waiting for the axe to fall.

Speaking of the axe, a former workmate of mine from ctr sent me a message which said:

-----Original Message-----
From: Jim Shipp []
Sent: Monday, February 12, 2001 9:45 AM
To: ''
Subject: Here you have, ;o)

Check This!

Attachment: AnnaKournikova.jpg.vbs

Now, first off, this is a fella with whom I have had the mereset of work relationships. You know:

Me: "Hey."
Him: "Hey"
Me: "How's it goin'?"
Him: "Pretty good. You?"
Me: "Pretty good."

And so on.
The only thing unusual in our relationship was that he attempted to saddle me with the nickname "scooter" because I (mind you, well before it was a craze) actually used a scooter to commute for a brief period. I realized my folly soon enough.

But no contact since until this mysterious email.
And then the troubling supposedly-enticing picture of a tennis star known for long legs and short skirts which is actually a vb script executable.

Plus, I know that CTR's network ain't the most secure thing in the world. When I was there any hacker could've busted right in any old time; there wasn't even a firewall. But a bunch of bored employees are prone to download any old thing, I suppose.

I deleted it and sent him a mail politely lambasting him for sending me a virus. But at least he doesn't ride a scooter.

Sunday, February 11, 2001

ah, sunday. today we cleaned house. last night I had a variety of weird dreams inspired by martinis and The Night Of The Hunter. Leanin' on the everlasting arm. Great flick. Mitchum at his best.

Speaking of ol' Bob, when he was popped with two joints in 1947 (1947!) he spent a bit of time in the slam rather than rat out the brother who had sold him the weed. When he walked out there were, of course, a bunch of reporters. One smart ass yells out, "So how'd you like jail, Bob?" to which a smirking Mitchum replies, "Not bad. Like Palm Springs but without all the riffraff." Cool Job Bob.

So now a clean house and... what? Am I to organize and actually get my workspace into apple-pie order?

Not bloody likely, Mavis.