Friday, August 02, 2002

Things are much better in my on-and-off- again world. I fear I am utterly of the moment, completely blind to any other way of feeling at the time. At leat I've become facile at sending myself mental telegrams to remind myself that everything changes.
The Spanish have a saying that everythng changes but God. This somewhat limiting idea is a source of much comfort, I would imagine. It casts a loght of imperfection upon us, the creation, while assuring that any shhortfalls in life come from us and not the Almighty. Milosz has noted that there is probably no greater comfort to the evildoes than athieism because what could be better than escaping ultimate judgment? Certainly Goering lived fat and if he wasn't expecting hell than even his trial woul have been more amusing than otherwise. I often wonder about this belief in justice and balance. These make humans noble, perhaps, but the shadow they cast could certainly be a dark one.
Today I did some cartoons for the first time in a great while. >An old idea. But I sure liked the feeling. My tablet rocks. I have no excuse whatsoever for not doing more comics. Shit, I did the thing in Flash.


Tuesday, July 30, 2002

I feel awful. Today was a rough one for everyone, I suppose. Pregnancy has its ups and downs, but in typical fashion this one has been all downs. I winder if my wife has a taste for suffering. Our first year of marriage has had more than its share of hell, much of caused by her intense emotional reactions to trauma.
I am a heartless bastard I suppose. Life is not all bad, but when one feels as I do now it sure seems so.
So, in enabling Flash I've disabled my comments. Fat lot of good it does me to have them, anyway. I suppose you can still comment on the archives. "You" being a relative term, I suppose. But do check out the spinning infant surrounded by floaty heads. A pretty cool little piece of scripting, if I do say so myself.