Wednesday, February 21, 2001

Is it me, or is the whole net slowing down? I have a DSL line which is more than I would pay for a normal land line (less than it used to be, DSL, but still expensive) and I find site after site has slowed to a crawl. Maybe it's that I like all kinds of self-powered, shoestring budget sites which get attention because they're good and suffer the attendant lag because they can't afford enough servers to keep up with the traffic. Sound familiar?

On this note, when you have a dark dream which fills you with foreboding, does it color your decisions that day? Does it serve a purpose of keeping you safer than you would be otherwise?

So many questions today.

Sunday, February 18, 2001

One of big things about working from home is that there's nowhere to go at the day's end. Like as not I'll be in my jammies with unbrushed teeth at 5:00. To some this sounds great, but after a while it becomes a routine with few variations. I suppose human beings thrive on routine (at least babies do) but I tend to get a bit jumpy after a while.
The other thing is that the work is always there. That's hard enough when you leave it at the office, but when it's right there on your desk all the time it tends to make for very long workdays.

Add to this that my creative output has been nil-o since this intense drive for money started up last August. Start-ups are well and good, but I seem to be forgetting who I am (just a bit). I haven't really read or written much lately, that's for sure.

There's something to being a bum, I guess. Pretty relaxed bunch.