Thursday, August 22, 2002

Odd how negative thoughts can run away with you. Haley's reading Naomi Wolfe's Misconceptions, a terrifying book of the facts of pregnancy in America today. Disheartening. Doctors are in the business of sickness, not wellness, and this fundamental attitude is reflected in the way pregnant women are treated. The baby is something to be extracted, a trouble-causing agent that also needs to survive. Episiotomy, caesarean sections, epidural anethesia... all options duly and regularly exercised. Infant mortality is down tremendously from this approach, but perhaps certain societal ills can also be traced to it. The sense of disconnect many of us feel might be deep indeed.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Whew. After much screwing around, I've re-enabled the comments system I had under Blogback. They are no longer accepting new members, unfortunately, but I've had them up for some time. The Flash blog was a drag because the raw text files made for poor searchablity. I get a surprising amount of random searches through this blog and I hate to disappoint. Enough of the technical matters.

It was a trip looking at the old Uberhaus site. The Internet archive is very cool indeed,especially if you've been messing with it as long as I have. The dot com graveyard is littered with corpses of dead sites, all of which are readily accessible through the wayback machine.

I've been scribbling a fair amount into a little black notebook of late, reading and scribbling, scribbling and reading. It's the thinking that I'm fond of, but the writing is an important element as well. It tethers me in the world and somehow makes me believe that everything has a point. Such a simple thing, really.