Tuesday, December 12, 2000

There's a light dusting of snow on the ground. It's COLD, brother. I am sitting here surfing instead of working because my project at hand is both nebulous and no fun at all. Ah, the joy of the home office.

Not to bitch, but it seems that many of the weblogs I've been reading lately have been extremely vapid. Or is this my imagination? I wonder. I think hitting cool blogs is largely a matter of luck. It may be sometime before anyone contacts me. I certainly have read many logs and so far haven't mailed anyone. Perhaps it is true what they say about all of this interactivity isolating us all the more. Makes one miss the real and smoky togetherness of the boom boom room.

And so I am faced with this dilemma;
2.Go to the gym
3. go to the gym and then shower
4. none of the above

I seem to be leaning more and more toward 4. Second verse, same as the first. My exercise motivation has diminished mightily since getting engaged.

Maybe I'll just shop online for some bigger pants. Yes, that's number 5.

Monday, December 11, 2000

Damned cold today, almost bitter. We took the dogs to the field and the wind numbed my ears. They've been speaking of snow on the news now for several days, so perhaps today is the day.
I've been paying attention to the election to spite myself. There hasn't been so much scandal since the Tilden/Hayes contest of 1876.

Sunday, December 10, 2000

The weekend us half over before I even know it. Man. How about that?
We went to see Unbreakable last night. What a disappointment. Most of Hollywood sucks, I know (Haley's sister is a budding screenwriter and is completely immersed in the fake and showy culture where everyone seems to be lying all the time; she comes back with endless stories larded with famous names and obscene dollar figures and has, month by month, seemingly lost the ability to talk about anything other than herself and her interests) so perhaps I should lower my expectations. The trouble is that movies are an astouding medium and to see yet another near miss just druves me nuts. I am a big fan of story, of music and of disturbing visuals. Film can use al of this to make valuable points which give food for thought long after the seeing (Polanski's Repulsion is a case in point) but are all too often sidetracked for financial reasons. Maybe I should stick to pre-1970. Or maybe just art house films.
That would pretty much rule out summer movies.

Before the movie we went to the Boom Boom Room around the corner. It's behind a Szechuan restaurant so we thought it's maybe be a cool retro lounge. Nope. Strip bar. Bigtime. I have a question: what is WITH all the fialse breasts? No man I know finds them attractive. They take a lovely body and turn it into a cartoon. Especially an athletic body... then they look simply ridiculous. Strip bars are interesting places. I like looking at the men and their reactions to these powerful overscented women dancing naked in front of them (and I do mean NAKED; Oregon has what is know as "the golden triangle: full nudity, hard liquor and no touching. This makes it a very profitable state in which to strip but a bit of a shock to those accustomed to G-strings). Usally they are just slack-jawed, but sometimes they try to play it cool and then it's a riot.