Monday, March 12, 2001

This is an interesting little site.
I am sore today. Recently I have begun to work out again and It's reaching that familar stage of becoming a habit. The MP3 player is a real boon... listening to ambient and jazz is a great distraction and the workout is over before I really notice it. I have always had a hard time concentrating at the gym. It's sort of like the ADD syndrome where you can either concentrate completely or not at all.
You see people in there who are absolutely obsessed. I remember when I was 21 or so I was too... really fanatically fit, spending hours each day thinking about conditioning. It wasn't until I inserted a sport (rock climbing) that I began to have any real focus, though. I started having a bit of contempt for the pure gym-rats, condemning them as vain. Training for what, I would ask? Ah, the arrogance, for of course I was also so vain. The way of youth is be beautiful and self-centered.

Sunday, March 11, 2001

The lack of myth in our culture disturbs me greatly. As our thirst for cheap and easy distraction continues to grow, implausible situations which lay bare essential truth become rare in the stories themselves. More disturbing is the inherent lack of heroes. When Keanu Reeves is viewed as a spiritual figure and Mr. Bush is referred to as a "leader," I begin to lose hope. Perhaps the easiest way to destroy heroes is to taint them early on. Individualism is strongly discouraged in our culture despite appearances to the contrary. Even that all-American archetype, the cowboy, is not a rugged ividualist at all, but part of a team of migrant agricultural workers in the pay of wealthy barons. It the same thing as the Army's new campaign of "I'm an Army of One." Military uniforms are designed to make individuals appear weak (narrow shoulders, wide hips) but groups appear strong.

Virtue is its own reward, I suppose.