Monday, September 23, 2002

Remember Bigfoot?
This is from the Website.

Right off the bat, ill tell you im a 16 year old kid telling absolutely the truth so god strike me dead. I hope you dont take my report as bogus because of that.Let me explain my situation to you: I live, and have lived,on the Molalla river for most of my life, and never thought twice about walking around at night or anywhere period. About 2 months ago, i was alone in my Grandmas house using the computer, when i decided to go home[my house is only about 50 yards away]. As i was stepping outside the most hideous feeling of bieng alone and fear thumped my heart.I kept walking in terror, when, all of the sudden, about 30 feet off to my right, i heard a loud thumping sound crash out.From there on, bieng distorted by my act of running faster than ive ever moved before, i could swear i heard the distinctive two legged foot steps vearing toward me from off the trail between houses.I raced in my house, slammed the door, locked it and sat in the living room to calm down from my strange experience.The oddest feelings flushed through me then, and now. Now, before you dismiss my story as a frightened child running from noises, ill have to tell you of the strange past our 45 acres of land at the end of the dickey prairie road has had:

Around three years ago, when we had cattle and cows fenced on our property,i noticed casually of how they would always stay together and go near the barns at night, then, one day, we discoveredtwo of them killed up in the woods by the drinking creek. The killings werent average killings either. The cows didnt have a scratch on them, both had brocken necks and their eyeballs sucked out cleanly. Since those experiences, im now scared to go hiking and travel at night. Yes, average signs of fear, but, i have the weird feeling of bieng an Intruder. Thank you for your time sincerely, Shawn Murray

p.s. Im a beleiver.

ALSO NOTICED: Before the incident[about 2 years] 2 cows were killed, and ever since it happened, theres a strange silence at night and my mom was awakened by something "banging on the house"

OTHER WITNESSES: Only 1, me. I told my brother and stepdad when i ran in the house.Before the incident, i was typing on the computer.

OTHER STORIES: When i was in 4th grade, my friend heather and her brother were taking out some garbage when they saw " a giant white monkey" walk up the hill and away from the trash cans.they lived about 5 miles away, and moved to texas about 6 months after that happened. It scared them so bad that they slept with their mom and dad in fear. And, about 5 years ago, i heard that some big investigators came to look at some tracks across the molalla river from where i live.