Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Ugh. Continuing my tradition of only blogging when depressed, I again appear here sad and gloomy. I'm in the midst of an increasingly ugly and awful custody battle for my daughter. I spent Monday in court being flayed alive for nonpayment of child support I didn't know I still owed (this is a long story). I watch my daughter show signs of mental illness while in her mother's care and find myself performing like a seal with a ball on its nose when she's here to make up for it. Her mom's attorney is a son of a bitch, greasy and mean-spirited (a former personal injury lawyer, the type who needs to walk up three flights to reach the sewer) and his comments continue to lie in my stomach, smoldering away like corrosive chemicals. Jesus. The worst is seeing my sweet daughter torn asunder by her clear desire to be with my wife and me. This whole thing is long, drawn out and extremely expensive. Today I feel like crying. Maybe I should, eh?