Friday, December 28, 2001

Hello all. More sporadic and not very good loggin' comin' your way.

We were in SoCal visiting wy wife's family at a posh resort in Ojai. Knobbin' with the super rich is about as rewarding as its ever been . We were eating a blackened tuna thingy bob while watching these very obviosly stoned college guys chip shots onto the green. They were shaggy and lanky and looked as though they were practicing to be Kennedys. A look into their record collections would no doubt show ample Phish, Thievery Corporation and Dave Matthews selections. I was bored even watching the bastards.

The worst part of the trip was leaving my very rare copy of Tournier's The Fetishist at the San Jose Airport. Haley got felt up and I watched as a woman went thorugh my bag with rubber gloves. She completely ignored my digital camera. It could've been packed with C-4 for all she knew.

Hey, have you seen those hairbrushes that pull out into plastic spikes designed to kill? I have. Three battle-hardened hand-to-hand combat experts could easliy do it all over again. Running my shoes thorugh an X-ray doesn't add to my comfort level. Plus, India and Pakistan are on the brink of war and Bin Laden is very likely in Pakistan. These are nuclear powers, here. How powerful is he? I fear we don't really know. He's been underestimated before.

A hint... if you want to think way, way more than you should, read the Atlantic monthly. They have a way of turning hackneyed arguments on their head.

Maybe tomorrow I'll start writing before I get so damned tired.