Saturday, April 21, 2001

Welcome back. I have hasd simultaneous troubles with my ISP (late payment) and with Network Solutions (ditto). Result: my site and email have been down since tuesday. Oops. The previous entry certainly had something to do with it. Kill the lan'lo.

My personal situation ain't much better... the company is in dire straits and I may soon be contracting again. Trouble is that it's a new world out there and I have let my connections fizzle. I guess it's once again up to my guardan angels. As always.

We been drinkin' bourbon this evenin' and smoking cigarettes. Oh, the bad, bad people. I'm listening to some old delta blues from Charley Patton, the "founder." This article spurred my interest. (If you don't already subscribe to the free New York Times, you certainly should. A fuckin' GREAT daily read! Do it! Use your Hotmail address, for God's sake!) This makes me feel like I got no call 'tall for complaining about anything.

Haley's talking with Ma on the phone about the latest scandal. Her mom pronounced our house, as you know, "unlivable." Hell, she should have seen FUCKIN' CHARLEY PATTON'S HOUSE! I mean, he had PIGS living near it! He didn't got no FURNITURE! No woman, no nothin'!

Ooo, that bourbon. God, I love good old whiskey. Too much, too much.

Tuesday, April 17, 2001

Well, it's a lovely day. That's about all I can say for it. I am unpaid for about six weeks' work and am feeling rather low. The fellas I work with are great guys, but the company is battered and bruised and we are all on the ropes. A bit of money would help strengthen my morale; hell, even a PHONE CALL would help. I am dejectedly searching the classifieds and feeling about as shitty and worthless as I have felt in some time. I work really hard, but I get frustrated when I see the results of my work fizzle into greasy smoke.

And my home life is not all that swell today... Haley's mom and sister came to visit; her mom called last night and said our house was so filthy as to be un-livable. The dogs do pee on the carpet (Ruby, chiefly), and we are a bit untidy, but "un-livable?" Surely not. It was grossly out of character for Haley's mom, the model of politeness, to make this call. It was mean-spirited and shabby. It sounds much more like the sister, who has a record of man, low behavior, put her up to it. A bad and bitter divorce fuels her jealousy of Haley into a raging fire, and her self-loathing adds to the flames. Ah, well... as mark twain says, "ain't nobody knows how to stick the knife in like your own flesh and blood."

Pardon my venting, but sunshine ain't in it today. Ain't in it 'tall.