Friday, December 01, 2000

Ah crap... never work on spec. I've been busting my ass and every month at this time I sweat whether I get paid or not. Probably doesn't help that I am reading fucked company and dotcomfailures! This booming economy sure seems to be reeling itself back in. Ah, well... if being wealthy is so damned wonderful then why do the rich seem so freakin' miserable? BUT... I certainly hope I AM paid this week, else I will be bouncing some serious checks.
It is a nice cloudy day and I think I'll go and hustle up some breakfast. Maybe coffee will help, too. Nothing like java for changing a fella's outlook. Too early for bong hits, anyway.
I checked the stats and it looks like there are people reading this after all. I spend so much damned time in front of this computer that I have a hard time fathoming anyone engaging in computig for leisure activity.
And I heard that the founder of Napster "retired." Big money has that sort of effect on a person. So much for the change-the-world ethic we wrap so thinlky about ourselves as we work for a better (for us) tomorrow.
Yes, coffee. Need it. Need it now.

Wednesday, November 29, 2000

It's getting to look post-apocalyptic out there with all the 404 sites and "we're upgrading our server" messages. Not only Blogger, but one of my new favorites is having some slowdowns. The amihot page is great in many ways, but there are several posts which are obviously glamour shots from small publications.
It's raining here, but I am so far able to shake my normal early december depression. Of course it IS november still...

Tuesday, November 28, 2000

I got back from Iowa on Sunday. Yesterday was pretty much a layabout as I got used to being back home. And today, true to the New Economy, I am hard at work. My motivation is slagging, though. Maybe I need coffee, maybe I need a quick trip to the gym. Who can say?
I haven't checked the log for this lately so I have no idea about the attendance. Considering the banality of my post i should be surprised if anyone bothered to read them at all. I don't.
This restless feeling is bad, bad. Bad.