Saturday, June 23, 2001

We've got guests coming over. Friends of Haley's, one of whom is a boyfriend that we've not yet met. A BBQ. I'm not much in the mood. I'm not feeling particularly sociable. I have a way of storing up pent-in energy until it becomes a bitter, stagnant force to be reckoned with. All that is neded is a catalyst, and I'm fond of bringing out 107 proof bourbon at such times. Additionally, I've been eating these "all natural" fat burner diet pills which are a mixture of ginko, caffeine and several other wire-you-out ingredients. Maybe i should grind up some of the motherfuckers and snort them.

I am disgusted with myself. I've allowed myself to get out of shape both physicaly and artistically. I am almost wholly without discipline in my daily life. Sure, I work, but I am feeling uninspired and insipid... a hack-job shadow of all I dreamed I could be.

Guests are here. Oh boy!

Friday, June 22, 2001

Cloudy again in Portland town. We went to see Disney's latest movie last night, Atlantis: The Lost Empire and found it lacking conscience. Sure, Disney is trying to distance itself from what the critics have called its "Disneyness" with such features as Mulan and The Emperor's New Groove. All three of these recent releases feature original stories and very little music (the latter is much appreciated by any parent now listening to the shrill singing in the sacharrine Little Mermaid and its ilk). They also have boldly different animation styles and have non-traditional characters in the lead role. Emperor was pretty much the peak, beacuse Atlantis blew the big sucka wad witha cheesily conventional (and yet almost impossibly convoluted) plot, cookie-cutter characters and weird mixed morals. For example, the animations were so sexy! I mean, every single person had a gym hardbody and shook their booties as though they were pole-dancing. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it it, after all, a movie for kids. If I wasn't a dad I probably wouldn't see such swill.

Give me Iron Giant any day. That was a fine fuckin' movie.

Personally, our life is back on a nice track. It seems that the roads are ever salted with potholes and that, from time to time, we are bound to crack a wheel in them. As long as we emerge on the other side the better for it all is well.

Thursday, June 21, 2001

I would venture to say that few things are more destructive than the naked truth as you see it.

Especially if you just fuckin' blurt it on out.

That's all.

Wednesday, June 20, 2001

This was a story of Dave's but it was just too goddamned long. Sorry.
I was at my friend Greg's house last night. His uncle was an antropologist and collected various Mayan artifacts. Greg brought out the three he inherited. The first was a tool of some kind made from a bird's beak. It was pretty creepy. The next item was a jawbone fragment from a Mayan royal. It was about 3000 years old. Many of the teeth had been pulled out... Greg said that they had been set with gold and precious stones. Made me think to hold this thing, this human jaw.

But the last item... whoa. It was a tiny mask with little round eyes and three little holes over the mouth. It appeared to be wearing a bandage and had what looked to be a lump on its forehead with stitches in it. It was carved from a single piece of bone... skull, it looked. Greg said he thought it was an infant's death mask. That chilled me. What the fuck was I doing handling something like that?

It gave us both very weird dreams.

I'm ICQ'ing Paige right now. It's amazing how frank an ICQ discussion can be. Very enjoyable, funny and illuminating. She sometimes has multiple discussion going on at once. How she does it is God's own mystery!

Tuesday, June 19, 2001

Hot today. I've been super busy, my computer keeps mysteriously quitting on me (save early and often) and my office is a frickin' oven. Two huge monitors pushing out heat isn't helping, too.

Bitch bitch bitch.

I'm in a fallow period of blogging for sure. Nothing remotely interesting is occuring to me and so I am writing banalities and whiny drivel. Ah well.

I am getting spammed with "inspirational" chain letters from someone I don't even KNOW. I think that those things are just awful. The last one claims "One guy sent this to 500 people!" Great! I added this person to my junk senders list. Probably will send viruses. Maybe she just did.

Typhoid Mary loved to cook. We all must remember that.

Sunday, June 17, 2001

Blogger deleted my last post, the bastards. Sigh. Imperfect technology. Not much said, anyway, so you ain't missing much. I did finally get an ICQ number which is posted at right. That's about it.