Wednesday, December 20, 2000

Man, i am sick. Working at home is hard enough when one is well... a million little distractions. And Napster, too. But when I am sick all I want to do is curl up and sleep. Today I had a dentist appointment which has been scheduled and rescheduled three times at least. So I went. And it sucked. My jaw hurts and the novacain has me all speeded out. I opted for nitrous also, which is always a nice buzz. My insurance long ago ran out so today I was soaked for about 500 bucks.

Oh well. I suppose I coulda spent the money on a computer or presents or something dumb and visible like that.

We leave for Christmas in just a few days. I'm hoping that the poster I got for Haley's brother arrives in time. I am fully Scrooge including the last part of the story: Scrooge Reformed. Watch as I embrace yuletide fully and completely!

Monday, December 18, 2000

Ah, true to form I have been neglecting the weblog. Why is it always the fun stuff which goes by the wayside first? Certainly in days of yore people had more leisure, but with the excess of labor-saving devices which abound in my life you'd think I could take a few minutes to update my fucking DIARY.
Let's see... what's new? I received my Bass in the Box in the mail. Now I can actually hear myself screw around on the old Danelectro I bought when I was pumped up on pain medication after the wisdom teeth were pulled. Not exactly Jaco, but I have fun. Problem is I accidentally ordered two. Maybe I can chain them together for a supra-distorto thing.

Haley woke up puking last night from a bad McMenamins burger. She simply has to stop with the beef. It's like Russian Roulette these days.

I'm hard at work modifying a site I've been working on for some time. It's all in flash so it's pretty fun.

I've been spending huge amounts of time on Napster beefing up my jazz collection. and trippy electronica, too.

Scored some weed. Not good weed, mind you, but weed. I'm not the stoner I once was, that's sure.

And I seem to be on every spam list in the fucking world.

That's about all.