Thursday, February 03, 2005

Man, there is a ton of stuff on this site. The blog here is just a tiny, tiny part of it. It's been up since 1998, so that's seven years. I have never cleaned off the server, either, so I must assume that everything is still there, somewhere. Odd how an historical document can have such tenuous existence. The contact on the main page hasn't worked in years, and in fact there are no more uberhaus mail accounts at all.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Golly, it sucks to be sick. We're amidst the major inevitable chaos of moving, with boxes stacked on boxes and garbage underfoot. Now I am feverish to boot, which gives a dreamlike character to the experience (and also makes everything harder and more exhausting). Slowly, slowly, we get it put away. We're moving past that awkward pert of not being able to full box everything up and are starting the man-in-a-suitcase stage. It's kind of refreshing, but one does tend to repeat outfits.
Pearl District

This old town once had so many things:
the Jack London Hotel
smelling blockwide of piss

and the brewery so racked by ruin that
bottles were made to run in and out
all hours
while tankcars full of mash
cowered in the shadows.

Now, huge new windows peer over
rooftops of careful buildings.
The people below, white in the sun,
carry shopping bags,
unlock their cars,
comfort one another.