Saturday, December 30, 2000

Back at home after the holidays. I am sure much has been written about the forced nature of Yuletide jolliness, but all in all I am sorta in favor of the whole goddamned business. Every year I see new things about myself as I am reflected back in the eyes of my loved ones. This year I was in Colorado with Haley's family. It was a nice visit, but at times it was more than stressful. Her family is All--American (mom and dad high school sweethearts married now for 32 years, football games and so on) which stands in marked contrast to my bohemian/alcoholic upbringing. And as the fiancee I am always a bit edgy. Olivia was there too, and balancing that added even more challenge. I got nothing at all done while I was away, but I guess that's pretty standard too.